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HelaMiyo :: Poses Light available inworld or at the marketplace 
Set of 5 mirrored poses on the theme "light". As always HelaMiyo poses are unisex unless you decide they are not.


I am ...

As must as I thought that giving infos on my my nationality is irrelevant in Second Life, because for me creativity has no nationality, race, color, religion, today I can say I am French, I am also Moroccan, I am Parisian (living abroad now) and I am photo journalist. That wednesday 7th January 2015, it could have been me.
I spent that wednesday trying to get news from my friends, most are photographers or journalists. My best friend told me she has a friend who works at Charlie Hebdo and she missed that meeting because she was late at work...
Thursday 8th January 2015, the nightmare went on, lots of questions and incomprehension. We didn't get what was going on. More deads, more attacks, more bad news.
Friday 9th January 2015, following the news live, we feared that they would come back to Paris, I was telling my friends stay home, then the double hostage takes at Dammartin and Porte de Vincennes (I used to live at 10 minutes away). I sent a message to a colleague, she was in that area 15 minutes before the hostages got killed at 1pm. She was in shock. Later the French forces did their thing.
All I want to say is: do not let fear rule the world. Fear leads to racism and agressions and wars because difference can be scary if you are ignorant. But when we die, our ashes all look the same. Learn to open your mind and accept the others. And never let your freedom of speech be retired from you, or your freedom.
I had no time to be in SL much so I made this simple "Je suis Charlie" sign that was based on a previous item I made not long ago. It is free at my store or in my store group for you to take. Please note: I do not want to promote my store with this. So I will not give my store name but I let you find the way in my picks.
Also I want to send all my love to my Sl friends or unknown people who sent me nice messages after I posted this sign to my groups. The Second Life community is powerful in extreme moments, it is very touching. (and also I want to apologise to the ones who came to unsubscribe to my SOM after I sent the sign: sorry that wasn't a cool gift, I was too busy crying for 4 days or shooting pictures IRL. You can join back in, next gift will be cool ;p )
My name is Miyoko Magic, and I am a Second Life Resident and I am a citizen of the world.



HelaMiyo - Poses - Free Air Hugs (gift)

New gift at HelaMiyo because I love you, so I want to hug you but as you're not here, it's a Free Air Hugs set of poses :)
Enjoy <3 Miyoko Magic
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Pew pew pew! I'm a cowgirl! Photo tutorial: open mouth

Pew pew pew!
So a few years back while going around the grid, I started to see pictures with open mouth, but not the usual biiiig open mouth that is on the face animation huds and I wondered how they did it. So here is a very simple trick.

Photography tutorial: open mouth
1) Buy a facial and hands posing hud. I can only recommend the free one from Anypose on the MP
2) Click on "open mouth". At this point your mouth will be huge opened, ready for your dentist or something.
3) Click on snapshot to open the snapshot preview window
4) Uncheck "open mouth" on the hud to close it (this takes 2 seconds). At this same moment, reload the preview of the snapshot (use the round arrow on the preview photo) while the mouth is closing.
5) Save your snapshot! You might have to do several takes to get the opening you wish. Just open and close the mouth several times.
This hud is amazing because it allows you to pose your hands as you wish and the most important for me: the eyes. It's the final touch to give an attitude in SL. So don't hesitate to experiment with that.

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My pixels are real

Looking for the right mesh body is a painful process. I went to try 4 demos and here are my thoughts now:
1st point is: I'm 8 years old in SL and I still do secretely like to go around barefoot with my system feet and AO off. Don't tell anyone I told you.
2nd point: I used to make and sell shapes. Knowing that perfection doesn't exist, my SL body is a work in perpetual progress. See how my legs are too long if we speak in human proportions? But that's how I like them. For me diversity of shapes in SL is what made it rich and interesting.
3rd point: the mesh faces... Oh dear, how those are creepy! Avatars not only have the same bodies with same curves but now they have the same faces without expression. When I read all over that they want to make the perfect body for everybody, it scares me a bit. (I will post later a tutorial about face expressions)
4th point: I bought a skin yesteday, I love it so much. But they will not make appliers for other bodies than their own. I understand their designer point of view, but I'm a sad customer now.
5th point: I don't do naked pictures. This mesh body will mostly be hidden by clothes. So I think twice before throwing a few thousand lindens mostly to show my knees.
6th point: must trash all my non mesh clothes?
Last point: a friend told me that in the end all the mesh bodies look bad when you shoot pictures on ultra settings. I didn't test it yet, but that would be a major problem for me.
My conclusion: for now I'll keep on wearing my "real" pixels until I gather more infos about mesh bodies. I do think mesh bodies look good, but I'm maybe not ready yet. And I'm thankful to LL for making us look so bad because we had to be very creative to catch this up :)
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I can't read: I have no arms

I can't read: I have no arms...
So the battle of designers for (more or less) realistic bodies is on. I don't get why Linden lab didn't made those bodies as the new standard but if it makes the business of designers work, then why not. I bought several demos to try on and my heart balances between Maitreya and SLink or maybe Belleza. But thing is: we'll buy those bodies to hide them with clothes in the end. So I'll do my choice on my favorite visible parts I guess.
Anyway as a good freebie hunter, I searched for free mesh bodies and bumped into the hude series of free Aftermath Mesh Avatars. They have this huge collection of superheroes or fairytales heroes that is fun to play with.
Ironically I'm a pose maker but I chose this avatar that hides half of the pose I made. It was more a challenge to manage to tell a story with a picture.
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What you mean the tree is not done? Directional lighting tutorial

What you mean the tree is not done? This is the best I can do and it's beau-ti-ful!
OK in this post I wanted to thank everybody who made this year an amazing one for HelaMiyo: my models, the hunters, the freebie hunters, the bloggers, the designers, the flickr addicts, the group owners, the event promoters, my kittycats (who spend a lot of time with me when I create my poses), the girls who randomly hit on me when I was a guy (not sure why, it happened a lot lately) and last but not least my crazy cool customers. I love you!
It was a pleasure to exchange with you about posing, dance, fashion, photography, lights and shadow techniques. While I'm at it, I said I'd post a tutorial for my double shadows so here it is:
Directional lighting - double shadow tutorial:
(my client is Firestorm 4.6.7. Thanks to Bjorn Collins for teaching me this)
1 - Menu Preferences > Graphics > General > Quality and speed: Ultra
2 - Menu Preferences > Graphics > General > Shaders: check Advanced Lighting model and Ambiant Occlusion + Level of Detail > Objects and Sculpts LOD > put on 4, Apply and OK
3 - Rez a prim in front of you > Edit > features > check "light", double this prim and move it in the air left/right. That is how the shadow will be doubled.
4 - Next to the checkbox for light is one rectangle for the color of the light. You can leave it white or choose any color you wish. You can see colored lights examples here or here (I used white and blue)
5 - At the right of this rectangle you see another rectangle grey with a cross > click on it > pick texture "blank". At this point it will cast the shadows behind you. You can also pick any texture instead of blank.
6 - Move the prims up/down or left/right to adjust the shadows. or rotate the prims for various shadow effects
7 - Make sure the textures in your background are not set to full bright otherwise you won't see any shadow.
8 - Strike a pose, preferably one from HelaMiyo, but any other fabulous SL pose designer will do and shoot! Don't hesitate to post the results in the comments here or IM me at any time (my name is Miyoko Magic). I'm always happy to help.

Shameless promo, pose in this snapshot: HelaMiyo - Just saying Inworld or Marketplace
Cool christmas tree: DECO - MESH Fir Tree (there is also a version with ornaments)
Be good! Miyoko