Are we going to get arrested for taking pictures?

*Warning the goal of this post is only the promotion of poses, and vent a bit and introduce you a cool blogger*
Left pose: HelaMiyo Just saying
Let me tell you my adventure yesterday as I arrived in a RP sim urban style... I was looking for a jail to take a picture, so I typed in search "prison" and the 1st result was that sim. I read the description, and TP there. I arrive in the welcome area at the entrance where were exposed 2006 style pictures. Usually RP sims have rules falling on you as you land but not there, so I searched for few minutes and didn't find. I step outside of the room and find an avatar with the name of the sim on her head, so I IM her: hello I didn't find the rules at the entrance, is it ok to visit as observer? She doesn't reply so I keep on looking for the rules that I finally find at the entrance of the sim, I read the rules but I don't find anything about visitors. I tell her I found the rules but she drops them on me the same note I already read.
As she took 10 minutes to reply me, I had time to look at the sim but me standing in the entrance in front of her, not moving and not entering the sim. There I discover a really ugly old sim, there was no way to stay there. Then she tells me something about about a DD advanced hud and the DDA isn't on and they are using HP (no idea what that means, I'm not a RP player, but ok). So I tell her I was only asking if we can visit being out of character or not and that I was looking for a place to take a picture, I don't tell her I found the place really ugly but I say thank you and I TP out.
A few minutes later I get an IM from a guy telling me that his partner told him I was “attempting to take a snapshot in that region”. I answer no, I asked for infos and read the rules and left. Then he tells me that if I did in fact take a picture in his sim, that was against the Linden Lab TOS. So I tell him I did not take one picture, I stood in the entrance, asked for infos, read the rules and left. And he keeps on writing me that for my sake he hopes I did not take any pictures! So I gave him my flickr link to tell him to check in the future and that his sim wasn't pretty enough for me to take one snapshot in it.
How many bloggers had that nasty experience of being threatened with incorrect Linden Lab Official:Snapshot and machinima policy (that I also read carefully when they got updated)? Some bloggers proposed me to TP there in mass and take pictures as it wasn't written that pictures are forbidden in their covenant, but I didn't want to waste time by showing an ugly sim.
So I ended doing what I always do: build a decor in my own studio and I met the adorable blogger Wise Sandalwood from the blog Ensconced In Velvet, who kindly accepted to be my jail roommate for one picture :)

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  1. I honestly don't get why this person would not want to promote the sim at least through visitor pictures. Sheesh!

    Adorable pic btw :)

  2. @ Elle, no idea but that must be why I never heard of that sim in 5 years.
    @ Anonymous, meow? Let's do a kittens post, actually I wanted to ask you something about that.

  3. lol, what was that guy on? Cute pic Miyoko.


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