HelaMiyo gift :: Fast Fashion Poses for Menstuff

HelaMiyo :: Fast Fashion Poses, is a gift for Menstuff hunt. It's a set of 5 unisex poses.
The name "fast fashion" is because I'm a big Depeche Mode fan. And in their 101 movie, a journalist wants to know what means "Depeche Mode" so he tells them he searched and found out it means fast fashion. He only made a litteral translation from French to English that is of course totally wrong. What he didn't know was that the word "depeche" either means hurry/fast or... a piece of news.
The band at the moment they looked for a name saw the French fashion magazine Depeche Mode and took their name from it.
Now you all know where that name is coming from :)
Enjoy the gift!

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