The sky is falling

When you make poses in SL, you can never guess how they will be used. And when I made a set of butoh poses, I had the nice surprise to discover in HelaMiyo flickr group a picture made by Strawberry Singh with an excellent POV. So Strawberry this picture is dedicated to you and I wanted to thank everybody who is participating in our flickr group. It's the best feedback we can have.


  1. Awwww, this is wonderful. Thank you I am totally blushing and so happy that you liked my picture. Your poses are brilliant and so different. <3
    As a side note, isn't Exodus Viewer awesome? Probably one of the best I've ever used.

  2. it's quite cool indeed, I try it since yesterday only and miss a few features (like area search when I accidentally deleted my shop and lost my cat... haha)
    I have a very weak PC and I only look for a viewer where I won't crash at each photo with shadows and Exodus does it. I tried Nirans but it's heavier for me.
    The cat is back and fine now...


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