Free*Style Silly Seven

Creamy Cooljoke, the creator of the blog Free*Style is one of my best friends inworld. We did spent a lot of silly moments together. We went shopping, lucky chairing, dancing, molested a lot of AFK friends, trolled a few "adult" places and got banned from a few sims. But really we were just being silly.
So when I saw the call for designers for the 7th anniversary of the blog and that the theme was "silly", I immediately applied and created something for the event. So it is a group pose set for 5 people. You'll find the single poses also in the box. If you're good at scrabble, maybe you can make other words with those letters.
Thanks to the beautiful models at my right: dragonguyuk,  Karisyn13 GossipGirlAnne Daumig and Criistinaa Chau
Pose set: HelaMiyo :: Poses SILLY @The Silly Seven till the 7th December

And this happened when I visited The Silly Seven tonight: