I can't read: I have no arms

I can't read: I have no arms...
So the battle of designers for (more or less) realistic bodies is on. I don't get why Linden lab didn't made those bodies as the new standard but if it makes the business of designers work, then why not. I bought several demos to try on and my heart balances between Maitreya and SLink or maybe Belleza. But thing is: we'll buy those bodies to hide them with clothes in the end. So I'll do my choice on my favorite visible parts I guess.
Anyway as a good freebie hunter, I searched for free mesh bodies and bumped into the hude series of free Aftermath Mesh Avatars. They have this huge collection of superheroes or fairytales heroes that is fun to play with.
Ironically I'm a pose maker but I chose this avatar that hides half of the pose I made. It was more a challenge to manage to tell a story with a picture.
Pose: HelaMiyo Fashion Blogger
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Aspen
Mesh avatar: Aftermath Mesh Avatars: Alice Asylum Dress (free)
Head: DollCoco *DC*_Head(Non-Rigged)_Lily(ClosedEyes) (free)
Deco elements: Yasum (free advent gifts)