My pixels are real

Looking for the right mesh body is a painful process. I went to try 4 demos and here are my thoughts now:
1st point is: I'm 8 years old in SL and I still do secretely like to go around barefoot with my system feet and AO off. Don't tell anyone I told you.
2nd point: I used to make and sell shapes. Knowing that perfection doesn't exist, my SL body is a work in perpetual progress. See how my legs are too long if we speak in human proportions? But that's how I like them. For me diversity of shapes in SL is what made it rich and interesting.
3rd point: the mesh faces... Oh dear, how those are creepy! Avatars not only have the same bodies with same curves but now they have the same faces without expression. When I read all over that they want to make the perfect body for everybody, it scares me a bit. (I will post later a tutorial about face expressions)
4th point: I bought a skin yesteday, I love it so much. But they will not make appliers for other bodies than their own. I understand their designer point of view, but I'm a sad customer now.
5th point: I don't do naked pictures. This mesh body will mostly be hidden by clothes. So I think twice before throwing a few thousand lindens mostly to show my knees.
6th point: must trash all my non mesh clothes?
Last point: a friend told me that in the end all the mesh bodies look bad when you shoot pictures on ultra settings. I didn't test it yet, but that would be a major problem for me.
My conclusion: for now I'll keep on wearing my "real" pixels until I gather more infos about mesh bodies. I do think mesh bodies look good, but I'm maybe not ready yet. And I'm thankful to LL for making us look so bad because we had to be very creative to catch this up :)
Pose: HelaMiyo Drama Inworld Marketplace