Pew pew pew! I'm a cowgirl! Photo tutorial: open mouth

Pew pew pew!
So a few years back while going around the grid, I started to see pictures with open mouth, but not the usual biiiig open mouth that is on the face animation huds and I wondered how they did it. So here is a very simple trick.

Photography tutorial: open mouth
1) Buy a facial and hands posing hud. I can only recommend the free one from Anypose on the MP
2) Click on "open mouth". At this point your mouth will be huge opened, ready for your dentist or something.
3) Click on snapshot to open the snapshot preview window
4) Uncheck "open mouth" on the hud to close it (this takes 2 seconds). At this same moment, reload the preview of the snapshot (use the round arrow on the preview photo) while the mouth is closing.
5) Save your snapshot! You might have to do several takes to get the opening you wish. Just open and close the mouth several times.
This hud is amazing because it allows you to pose your hands as you wish and the most important for me: the eyes. It's the final touch to give an attitude in SL. So don't hesitate to experiment with that.

Pose: HelaMiyo Rock Inworld Marketplace