What you mean the tree is not done? Directional lighting tutorial

What you mean the tree is not done? This is the best I can do and it's beau-ti-ful!
OK in this post I wanted to thank everybody who made this year an amazing one for HelaMiyo: my models, the hunters, the freebie hunters, the bloggers, the designers, the flickr addicts, the group owners, the event promoters, my kittycats (who spend a lot of time with me when I create my poses), the girls who randomly hit on me when I was a guy (not sure why, it happened a lot lately) and last but not least my crazy cool customers. I love you!
It was a pleasure to exchange with you about posing, dance, fashion, photography, lights and shadow techniques. While I'm at it, I said I'd post a tutorial for my double shadows so here it is:
Directional lighting - double shadow tutorial:
(my client is Firestorm 4.6.7. Thanks to Bjorn Collins for teaching me this)
1 - Menu Preferences > Graphics > General > Quality and speed: Ultra
2 - Menu Preferences > Graphics > General > Shaders: check Advanced Lighting model and Ambiant Occlusion + Level of Detail > Objects and Sculpts LOD > put on 4, Apply and OK
3 - Rez a prim in front of you > Edit > features > check "light", double this prim and move it in the air left/right. That is how the shadow will be doubled.
4 - Next to the checkbox for light is one rectangle for the color of the light. You can leave it white or choose any color you wish. You can see colored lights examples here or here (I used white and blue)
5 - At the right of this rectangle you see another rectangle grey with a cross > click on it > pick texture "blank". At this point it will cast the shadows behind you. You can also pick any texture instead of blank.
6 - Move the prims up/down or left/right to adjust the shadows. or rotate the prims for various shadow effects
7 - Make sure the textures in your background are not set to full bright otherwise you won't see any shadow.
8 - Strike a pose, preferably one from HelaMiyo, but any other fabulous SL pose designer will do and shoot! Don't hesitate to post the results in the comments here or IM me at any time (my name is Miyoko Magic). I'm always happy to help.

Shameless promo, pose in this snapshot: HelaMiyo - Just saying Inworld or Marketplace
Cool christmas tree: DECO - MESH Fir Tree (there is also a version with ornaments)
Be good! Miyoko