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As must as I thought that giving infos on my my nationality is irrelevant in Second Life, because for me creativity has no nationality, race, color, religion, today I can say I am French, I am also Moroccan, I am Parisian (living abroad now) and I am photo journalist. That wednesday 7th January 2015, it could have been me.
I spent that wednesday trying to get news from my friends, most are photographers or journalists. My best friend told me she has a friend who works at Charlie Hebdo and she missed that meeting because she was late at work...
Thursday 8th January 2015, the nightmare went on, lots of questions and incomprehension. We didn't get what was going on. More deads, more attacks, more bad news.
Friday 9th January 2015, following the news live, we feared that they would come back to Paris, I was telling my friends stay home, then the double hostage takes at Dammartin and Porte de Vincennes (I used to live at 10 minutes away). I sent a message to a colleague, she was in that area 15 minutes before the hostages got killed at 1pm. She was in shock. Later the French forces did their thing.
All I want to say is: do not let fear rule the world. Fear leads to racism and agressions and wars because difference can be scary if you are ignorant. But when we die, our ashes all look the same. Learn to open your mind and accept the others. And never let your freedom of speech be retired from you, or your freedom.
I had no time to be in SL much so I made this simple "Je suis Charlie" sign that was based on a previous item I made not long ago. It is free at my store or in my store group for you to take. Please note: I do not want to promote my store with this. So I will not give my store name but I let you find the way in my picks.
Also I want to send all my love to my Sl friends or unknown people who sent me nice messages after I posted this sign to my groups. The Second Life community is powerful in extreme moments, it is very touching. (and also I want to apologise to the ones who came to unsubscribe to my SOM after I sent the sign: sorry that wasn't a cool gift, I was too busy crying for 4 days or shooting pictures IRL. You can join back in, next gift will be cool ;p )
My name is Miyoko Magic, and I am a Second Life Resident and I am a citizen of the world.


  1. *hugs* sending love back to you, too <3

  2. Sweet Miyoko, please take care! I send you a big hug!

  3. Stay well, Miyoko. God bless you!


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