04th December 2006 Born this way

I want to say thank you to everyone who visited HelaMiyo or Digital Eyes today to grab the 10 gifts and/or to wish me or my main alt Morgan Kincess a happy 10th rezday. Thank you for all public chat messages, all the IMs and gifts (oh I regretted having 2 avatars today haha) and thanks to my partner Hern, who made a last minute swimming pool party in the shop playing some awesome and/or terrible 80's tracks (and some Depeche Mode, I love Depeche Mode, did I ever mention how much I love Depeche Mode?) :)

Style card from the 04th December 2006:
Hair: Second Life system hair, modified and recolored by me
Skin: Second life default female vampire avatar skin
Pants: Second Life system pants, that I changed into bootcut
Top: Second Life system dress, I very much modified this one and cut it so it's opened in front and enlarged it a bit
Shoes: oh the shoes... In 2006 my dear reader, we wore Second Life system shoes!! It means we changed the shape of our feet and applied a texture to it!!! And then came bling shoes, but I don't want to talk about that ever again...
Pose: Second Life edit appearance mode. I didn't know how to use the camera controls to take a snapshot and see myself from the front! Hey, I was born that day ;)

But worry not, 3 months later, I looked wayyy better... with the back then trendy joker smile mouth ^^ yes it was a thing...

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