Confessions of a failed day

So today I was supposed to go a a party where the dresscode was angels or demons. I had my outfit ready and was looking forward to hear one of my fav DJ who didn't play in SL for a while. I logged out for dinner and after dinner, I closed my eyes "just one minute". Fell asleep, woke up 4 hours later, missed the party...
Then when I logged in, I was testing a hud that makes us visit random businesses or places. And I accidentally TPed dressed like that to a church in full service, full of people! I am agnostic but I don't want to disrespect other's people beliefs. So dear church people, if you ever read this: I didn't want to troll you, I'm sorry.
Going to change this post into a fashion one now :)
HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Ego (anniversary group gift)
Hand hud: UNKO - Enhanced Hand
Nails: ::SG:: SlackGirl (group gift)
Eyes: Real HD2 SCLERA (MP)
Hair: Stealthic - Reprise 
Horns: [LeLutka]-MALEFICENT horns
Bodysuit: Blueberry - Lida 
Collar: Simplecandy - Mesh Massacre Collar
Piercings: CerberusXing (group gifts)
Bento animated wings: already in your inventory's library, look for: Elleria

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