HelaMiyo new satellite store in London

When I lived in Paris, one thing I liked to do was to take the train after work on friday evening and go to London as it was only 2 hours away. I spent my time doing what most tourists do there: clubbing, visiting art museums and shopping. They had these jeans with a perfect size and cut for me that I found only in London, so each time I needed new jeans, I just went there as it was easy from center to center of our cities.
So I am delighted to have opened a new HelaMiyo satellite store in Virtual London. It's a lovely community with several sims that opened in 2006 and where you can rent a home, a store, and where lots of events are happening.  
So, see you in London!
Pose on this picture: HelaMiyo :: Gift :: Dandy (one of the gifts you'll find in London)

PS: while writing this post, my cat walked on my keyboard and wrote "ikj<wqqqqcx gfv ^pnb nbbb                                                           nnnnnnnnnnn". I think it means "I wish I could visit London too" in cat language

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