I have a question for the SL photographers

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If you're a SL photographer, please keep on reading: I'm trying to find a photo technique that someone gave me in bloggers group that doesn't exist anymore but I didn't write down the full technique and it escaped from my mind... I searched on Google, Firestorm forum and SL forums (oh dear), rewatched Foxcity youtube tutorials but didn't find.
So, when you use the DOF and lock the flycam with a virtual joystick, your focus point is where you mouse is, which makes it tricky to have a focus point that is not centered or not near the Snapshot tool window.
I know there is a shortcut to click on any point of your frame to focus on that point -while being on flycam so your camera angle doesn't change once you framed your photograph. Do you know which one it is?
You can answer on this blog or on my flickr or inworld: Miyoko Magic (I'll get your offlines if you IM). 

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  1. I don't use flycam mode but maybe this will help you because the outcome is same...
    First I focus on whatever needs to be inside the focus and ajudt the DOF.
    Then open my camera controls window.
    While have it opened I use: Ctrl+Alt and arrow keys for rotating my camera around the focus point.
    Ctrl+shift+Alt and arrow keys are used to move the camera up/down/left/right all over the screen.