The longest fight with my inventory

HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Yes! @ the Chapter Four:
When the event ends, this pack will move at the main store:
I have the impression that I spend 70% of my SL time to sort out my inventory... But because my longevity secret (11+ years in SL) is linked to long breaks, there are long periods where I just accumulate things and don't sort them out. Sometimes I find those 2015 folders called "to sort out" or Hair Fair 2016... And I must also decide: those system clothes I loved so much but most likely will never wear again, what to do? What if the designers of mesh bodies disappear and we all have to return to system stuff? (Onyx, I swear, don't go, my Second Life depends on you).
And the folders, folders inside folders... Or folders without unpackers... Dear designers, we're in 2018, put unpacker scripts in your boxes please, and pictures too as I tend to throw away folders where the name of the item doesn't explain what it is and there is no visual. It's not like it's going to cost you an upload as you already uploaded the visual to make your vendor.
Anyway if one day I ever manage to have my inventory sorted, I will certainly look like on this photo but IRL, feeling happy after that neverending fight...

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