A magician never reveals his secrets but a SL photographer does

Yesterday I received an adorable testimonial on my flickr from Solange Palianta where she mentioned my shadows. So I thought I'd share how I do it.
- I rez one directional light on top of us (in blue in the photo below)
- I rez a 2nd directional light behind the models to make that strong light on the wall (also in blue on the photo below)
- I rez an ambiance light in colour on our side at 90° from the models (the red one in the photo after). It's the one that makes the blue atmosphere.
You're going to ask why do I put some coloured light as I turn my photos in black and white? It's just that sometimes I like to play with colours and I'm lazy with my post processing so I like to have the photo already perfect inworld. 
And that's it really!
For the levitation trick : it's poses from HelaMiyo from the packs "Float" and "Let the day begin" that you can also find on the MP.

Helamiyo :: Poses :: Small bounce

Let's bounce together! HelaMiyo is delighted to be part of the Casper Easter Egg Hunt and that hunt is amazing! Not saying that because we're in it but because CasperTech made an awesome hud that teleports you to the next locations and tells you for each location how many eggs you have left to find. So grab the hud here: https://www.casperpanel.com/easter and go find those eggs!
Our gift is a set of unisex poses called HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Small Bounce 

On my way to do important witch stuff

HelaMiyo :: Gift :: Halloween broom standing is a gift you'll find at HelaMiyo inworld and on the MP . Simply wear it with your AO off and you can fly away to go do your important witch stuff


HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Weird
Mask : Nana - Clyde Red Plague Mask (Gift)
Top : white river co. - Eventide Hoodie
Pants : Blueberry - Rene
Boots : R.icielli - TESS Mesh Boots (previous gift)
Collar : **RE** Halloween Collar (Gift)

Miss it so much

Retrying my folders of system clothes reminds me of the creativity and talents that were in SL before. This bodysuit was made by Coco. She gave all her shop away for free when mesh came out. And now I rediscover everything that I never managed to throw away. I knew being a hoarder collector would pay off at some point.

HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Wait what?

Been sorting out my inventory for 13 years

I need to Konmari my inventory because it's crazy that with my 95204 items, I always end up wearing the same things. And maybe the secret to SL inventory happiness was a tip by a blogger, sorry I can't recall who it was, but she deleted everything once she wore it on her blog.

HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Tap
Fan : Digital Eyes * Animated Fan * V2 White
Body : Blueberry - Lida
Shoes : glutz . trash boots
Hair : [monso] My Hair - Adriane