Ego One

Project everybody blogger challenge #2 Raw
I don’t use photoshop. I actually hate photoshop. I’m a photographer IRL and for me a picture has to be good in camera. For that you need to observe and take time to understand lights and your surroundings.
In SL, I’m the same, I don’t photoshop. I use directional lights to get mutliple shadows (you need to go in graphic settings: ultra, then rez 2 prims > features check light and click on the square with a cross next to the square with color picker, put blank as texture. Move those prims in the sky in front of you. There you go you have directional lights!
Pose: HelaMiyo :: Poses Ego
Hair: Digital Eyes * Future Buns Red
Mask: .::Radi0active::. Gas Mask
Top: coldLogic top - jett (previous gift)
Skirt: Bonita ::: Waist Skirt (MP gift)
Tights: *318* School Tights Black (MP gift)
Legs: AVZ ~ Mekahooves ~  
Gloves: +grasp+/Biker Glove (group gift)

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