A magician never reveals his secrets but a SL photographer does

Yesterday I received an adorable testimonial on my flickr from Solange Palianta where she mentioned my shadows. So I thought I'd share how I do it.
- I rez one directional light on top of us (in blue in the photo below)
- I rez a 2nd directional light behind the models to make that strong light on the wall (also in blue on the photo below)
- I rez an ambiance light in colour on our side at 90° from the models (the red one in the photo after). It's the one that makes the blue atmosphere.
You're going to ask why do I put some coloured light as I turn my photos in black and white? It's just that sometimes I like to play with colours and I'm lazy with my post processing so I like to have the photo already perfect inworld. 
And that's it really!
For the levitation trick : it's poses from HelaMiyo from the packs "Float" and "Let the day begin" that you can also find on the MP.

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